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Prof. Dr. Klaus Schaefer
Attorney at law

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schaefer's many years of experience make him an expert in film and media law.

He received his doctorate from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich in 1982 on a copyright topic, and can draw on a wealth of experience as a lawyer, as a media law and media policy officer in the Bavarian State Chancellery, and as the long-standing managing director of FilmFernsehFonds Bayern GmbH (Bavarian Film, Games and Media Promotion). As draft author of the Bavarian Media Act, he is also an expert in broadcasting law.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schaefer has taught at the University of Television and Film Munich since 1995, and has been an honorary professor since 2009.

His services to Bavaria as a film and media location were honored in 2007 with the Bavarian Order of Merit ("Bayerischer Verdienstorden").

Klaus Schaefer accompanies you in all legal questions concerning film, television, games, broadcasting and other media. Due to his extensive experience in moderating legal and media policy events, he is also available to you as an experienced moderator of such events and expert panels.

Based on his many years of experience as chairman or board member of various non-profit associations, Prof. Schaefer will also be happy to advise you on questions of association law and draft the appropriate articles of association for your association foundation.

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